A Thimbleful of Hope

A Place to Call Home
20th July 2017
The Seaside Angel
The Seaside Angel
30th December 2019

A Thimbleful of Hope, Paperback – 1o Jan 2019

Dover, 1864

Violet Rayfield leads a happy life with her family in a beautiful terrace on Camden Crescent.
But Violet’s seemingly perfect world is shattered when her father makes a decision that costs her family everything. Now Violet must sacrifice all she holds dear, including the man she loves.
As Violet strives to pick up the threads of her existence, a series of shocking revelations leaves her feeling even more alone.
But where one door closes, another opens, and the embroidery skills Violet perfected while a young woman of leisure win her vital work.
If she can find the strength to stitch the remnants of her family back together, there might just be a little hope after all…

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