Half a Sixpence

Her Mother’s Daughter
19th June 2017

Half a Sixpence

Arrow | Published 13th July 2017 | 416 Pages | 12.9 x 2.6 x 19.8 cm

True love sometimes comes at a price… East Kent, 1830

Catherine Rook takes her peaceful life for granted. Her days are spent at the village school and lending a hand on her family’s farm. Life is run by the seasons, and there’s little time for worry. But rural unrest begins sweeping through Kent, and when Pa Rook buys a threshing machine it brings turbulence and tragedy to Wanstall Farm. With the Rooks’ fortunes forever changed, Catherine must struggle to hold her family together. She turns to her childhood companion, Matty Carter, for comfort, and finds more than friendship in his loving arms. But Matty has his own family to protect, and almost as quickly as their love blossomed their future begins to unravel. With the threat of destitution nipping at her heels, Catherine must forge a way out of ruin . . .

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