The Lace Maiden

The Seaside Angel
The Seaside Angel
30th December 2019


‘Deal is a godforsaken town where the streets are ruled by villains…’

Deal, 1811

The Lennicker sisters live in a cottage in one of the narrow alleyways off Middle Street, nestled amongst the counting houses, shops and inns, where the smugglers plot and the seamen drink.

When their father – a fisherman and smuggler – is murdered by a rival gang, the eldest daughter, Louisa, is forced to carve out a living by trading illegally in French lace. She will do anything to keep a roof over her sisters’ heads, but what she truly desires is a way of wreaking revenge…

With the threat of Napoleon approaching Britain’s shores, the stakes couldn’t be higher. One wrong move and Louisa could risk losing not only her sisters, but her life…